Shooting Photographs for an Archive

Manchester, UK, 1988, house music arrived at the world famous Hacienda night club Situated on Whitworth Street in the centre of town.

My work as a photographer covered music, fashion, portraits and lifestyle assignments. I was sent by various magazines such as The NME, The Face, i.d and Mixmag to cover what was happening at the world famous venue.

The scene exploded and I photographed Oasis, The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, The Inspiral Carpets, Primal Scream, Blur, The Verve, The Chemical Brothers, James, DJ Sasha, Moby, DJ David Morales, DJ Graeme Park, DJ Mike Pickering, DJ Frankie Knuckles and Tony Humphries.

So if you want to create your own archive of photographs, you have to first find something that your interested in, a niche subject, something that your passionate about. If you’re the only photographer covering that particular scene then you will have exclusive photographs that no one else has.

Organize yourself and keep detailed records of when and whom you photograph. Load the pictures onto your website and then let magazines and T.V. companies know that you have a great resource of pictures covering that scene.

What to photograph? You need to be looking for stories from within the scene that you are covering. During the Manchester, Madchester scene, I not only photographed the people such as Noel Gallagher, Tony Wilson Dj Sasha, Bez, John Squire and Ian Brown, but I also photographed the fashion of the time and the people from the different nightclubs such as The Hacienda.

I knew that something special was happening in Manchester or ‘Madchester as it was known in the media. I decided to document what was going on at The Hacienda and other venues around the town. This decision has proved to be profitable as my archive of photographs is now sold around the world to magazines and T.V.production companies.

When you meet with the people who you think might be good to photograph, then talk to them about the scene that they are involved in. Ask questions, find out who they recommend from that scene who would be good to photograph.

Photograph the local area that is involved, the buildings, the people and places of interest. When you have a good body of work, contact local and national magazines. Tell them about your interest in the subject you are covering, remember your passion for your subject will come through and get the person at the other end of the line interested in your chosen subject.

Last of all enjoy what you photograph and let the people who take pictures of where they can see the pictures online.

Kind regards,
Peter J Walsh

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Yet another thing you may want to actually do can be read critiques for various bean bag seats. What do other folks think of them? Look for evaluations which are comprehensive as well as that are actually written a considerable amount of time after the man or woman purchased the beanbag lounge chair. This could tell you just how cozy it really is plus exactly how suitably it holds up over time. Even though no business is going to currently have pretty much all great ratings, as coziness is subjective, you’ll want to try to find lounges that have primarily great opinions to ensure you discover a variety of individuals enjoyed their own selection.

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Can You Use Music in Your Presentations?

You’ve found that perfect song to be your “walk on” music for your signature or keynote talk. Or you want to play a snippet of music later in your program. What do you need to consider before you use that music clip?

Is it Copyrighted?

Any time you use a work that is copyrighted-a book, music, video, photograph, drawing, cartoon, etc, you must have permission from the owner of the copyright. We all know that about using photos and other graphics in our presentations, but few presenters think about the music they use.

Creators of music and other audio works protect their material by registering it with the Library of Congress. They also register their works with a Performing Rights Society, which monitors the way these works are used and collects and distributes royalties.

The three biggest in North America are ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated), and SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada. You can check these sites to see what the licensing requirements are.

You might be wondering if you really have to license the songs you use. Here’s the answer from ASCAP’s website in their FAQs.

“Do I need permission to perform music as part of a presentation in class or at a training seminar?

If the performance is part of face to face teaching activity at a non-profit educational institution, permission is not required. Permission is required when music is used as part of training seminars, conventions, or other commercial or business presentations.”

For most of us, that’s a “yes.”

One other thing to consider is that often the venue… the conference, the convention, the hotel, or the event facility has purchased a license. If that’s the case (as it generally is for my own presentations), then you don’t have to worry about it… it’s taken care of.

What are My Other Options?

There is royalty-free music you can purchase from various websites where you make a one-time payment to own and be able to use a piece of music. Some of it’s even free. You can check out sites like The Music Bakery , Shock wave-Sound  –or just Google “royalty free music.”

Music clips can be a great enhancement to your talks. It can set a mood, send a message, and keep your audience engaged.

Just make sure you’re using them with integrity.

Note: I’m not an attorney. This is not a legal opinion. It’s just some guidance to point you in the right direction.

Celebrity Photographers Often Have As Much Talent And Experience As Those They Are Photographing

The images you see in magazines of well known actors, musicians, athletes and political figures are designed to stimulate feelings in the people looking at them. From exhilaration, to joy, to envy, and every feeling in between, these kinds of vibrant and fascinating people have abilities and personalities that can’t easily be captured on film. So how is it done?

If you’ve ever wondered about the person guiding the lens of those fabulous celebrity photographs you see in magazines, then you already know the answer. Celebrity photographers are schooled in and experienced with capturing natural emotion and talent on film. These people have as much natural talent as the men and women they are shooting, and in most cases work in one or two of three unique categories.

Event photography is one of the main areas in which celebrity photographers work. Film premiers, social gatherings, award shows, music festivals and exclusive functions are only a few of the instances that these photographers work. They are chosen by publicists or publications for red carpet events, and sometimes they are hired by the stars themselves for wedding receptions or birthday celebrations.

Photos captured at festivals are what you normally see in magazines. For example, if you have ever watched fashion coverage of a red carpet event in a magazine, it was almost certainly a paid celebrity photographer who took the photos. And the images you see on music stations from their live events? These were also taken by celebrity photographers.

Another important category that celebrity photographers work in is celebrity portraits. Many of these are the more personalized photos you see of celebrities, such as the ones that accompany the interviews you find in magazines. Most of these pictures are the type which are designed to represent the essence of each celebrity, and to offer the viewers a look into who that person really is in their personal life.

Celebrity portraits also are used on album covers, in magazines as mentioned above, and even in celebrity’s individual portfolios. They are also designed for the same things that all people use photography for – to capture a wonderful family portrait. After all, celebrities are first and foremost people, and take family pictures much like anyone else.

The third category that celebrity photographers operate in is media press, which is when the photographer takes candid photographs of celebrities. As you know paparazzi photographers have a reputation for annoying celebrities, a reputation that is deserved. But not all of paparazzi photographers have earned this reputation. Quite a few operate under their own ethical standards, and often just take photographs when they have permission. Sadly you never hear about these kind of photographers too often.

The next time you see an awesome image of your favorite performer, actor, singer or politician, now you know a bit more about the talent guiding the camera. Without celebrity photographers, and their true talents, we wouldn’t be able to get a glance into who our favorite famous people really are.